Reusable Content List

So I am working on the project plan for the first release of our new intranet, working on the IA and such, and saw the need to have content in more than one place. I saw that there was a list called Reusable Content so I looked it up and it acts much like how library items work in Dreamweaver. Instead of adding the copy to multiple locations directly, you add the reusable content into the list, and then when you go to add the content in the specific locations, you tell the page to use source from the reusable content list. I think that this is very cool. You update the page once and it updates across the board wherever it is used. You can also use the list to just store a link or a paragraph-anything that may be repeated. Here is a really good overview:


Search Area Makeover

I thought that the search area on the top of each page was a bit bland and I set out to style it. The whole search area is enclosed in an id, WebPartWPQ1. I added this id to my theme css and gave the area some padding and margins, and I added a background. To change the color of the background of the magnifying glass, I copied the class from core and changed the background color. Is nice, yes?

Search area with makeover

Search area with makeover