Adding Favicons to SharePoint Sites

The new corporate intranet I have been working on for the past year will launch Friday night (yeah!). One of the last things I need to do is to create a favicon. Easy enough. Just create an image 16 by 16 pixels and save it as a gif or png. I then went here: . This site lets you upload the graphic and it generates the .ico files for you. There are standalone programs I have used in the past to create the .ico files, but this one is a website, its free, and it took ten seconds.

Here’s where I had issues. Just where is the “root” for a SharePoint site? I added the files right next to default.aspx-no dice. I added them to the images folder on all the production web servers. Nope. We use an external share for images so I don’t have to store custom images in SharePoint. Once I added the files there and linked them in the header of my masterpage, voila, they show up!!!

Here is what I added to the head of the masterpage:

Favicon links

Favicon links

As for why this worked, and why having the images in the images directory doesnt work-you got me. I have had issues on regular websites getting the favicons to show up, so maybe they are just poorly implemented by browsers. If you are not using an external share for your SharePoint images, I would suggest you ask your admin to set one up. I add the images once, link them once, and that’s that. I don’t have to worry about pushing them from one server to the next and I don’t have to store them in SP libraries.

If anyone knows a better way to do the favicons for those without an images share, please let me know and I will amend the post.