Make Title column a link

It has been driving me nuts that you have to have a Name column, so you have a link to the files, as well as a Title column, so you know what you are actually clicking on. I found a tutorial for changing a column into a link but it also changed the text of my Title into the link text. So… I copied the code that was generated by that little experiment, grabbed the url that it wrapped, and then added that url around the Title code. Success!

Step By Step:

  1. Create a webpart page and insert your library
  2. Open page in SharePoint Designer
  3. Right-click on the library and select “Convert to XSLT”
  4. Find a Title in the code and wrap it with this url:
  5. titlelink

  6. Now you can delete the Name column: Common DataView tasks > Edit Columns.
  7. Save and preview-Title is now a link and no Name column!
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