Using PostScript Fonts in Windows 7

So I just got my new work laptop yesterday. HP Elitebook, 64 bit, 8gigs ram, 500gb hd, sweet system. When I try to install ATM, I find out it won’t work with 64bit Win 7, so I go to Adobe to see if there is a 64 bit version. Apparently they stopped making new versions years ago. So now what?

I finally figured out that you can manually drag the .pfm files from your postscript typefaces directly into the Windows font folder to install them. If you try to pull in the other types of files: .afm, .inf, and .pfb-Windows gives you an error. It works but I still really need a font manager to group typefaces and turn them on and off by group-will keep looking!


Batch Check-In in 2010!

I just got access to the 2010 beta and am playing with it now. I just checked in a bunch of files, all at once! Yeah! Such a simple thing but so a necessary feature! I have to say I’m not really crazy with the overall design, the lists have no lines in them and all the content just looks like it is dumped on the screen….

Batch Check-In!
Batch Check-in!
Ugly floating lists!
Ugly floating lists!