Hiding avatar graphics in discussion boards

On my intranet, we want to limit what the end user can do as much as possible, not because we are mean.. but because they can barely use their computers at all, and life is hard enough, you know what I mean? So because of this, we don’t have My Sites activated, so users can’t upload images of themselves. Well, when you use a discussion board, blank avatars for people’s image show up. I think that looks tacky, and I don’t want users emailing me asking to see their lovely mug, so I set out to hide it.

Add these styles to your theme style sheet, or alt stylehseet:

/* hides person graphic from discussion board */
td.ms-disc-bordered img {
display: none;

/* adds right padding to post by link */
td.ms-disc-bordered a {
padding-right: 5px;

I added the padding because once the image is hidden, the posted by link has no padding and is right against the border.

Hooray! no blank avatar image!

Blank avatar image is gone!

Blank avatar image is gone!


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