Sharepoint Branding & Customization Behind the Scenes: Responsive, SharePoint, the new, 2013 Version

Maybe I can get some sleep now… I swear, I have never worked so hard on a project in my life, and I know I will have more tweaking to do before it’s all said and done… We all worked really hard on this and we are very excited to create this site for the state of Mississippi and its citizens!!! SharePoint isn’t perfect yet, there are many things I would add to make SharePoint better suited for internet-facing sites, but I hope this site, along with the others I have posted from our sibling portals, can show you what is possible right now with SharePoint 2010. Maybe for the next refresh we will be in 2013, we’ll see 🙂

The goal for this redesign was to be user-oriented and to provide the citizens of Mississippi the content that they routinely search and ask for. We based these decisions off of Google Analytics, customer service feedback, and webmaster feedback. We tried to provide the most used links in a compact design while still providing an attractive interface. We weren’t trying to create a brochure site or a travel-theme site, this is a state website meant for users to come in, get what they need, and get on with their day. We added new content throughout the site, such as the Governor’s Initiatives  and the Mississippi Maps pages. We also rebuilt our Agency Directory, which is the most used feature of the entire site, in .net so that it was easier to update, faster, and with more agency content.



  • SharePoint 2010 site (Home page is NOT in SharePoint, nor is the Feedback page or the Agency Directory-they are .net)
  • Responsive, html 5 site
  • Sliders are swipable on iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire
  • Uses Google Fonts, Google and Bing mapping technologies, JQuery and SP Services, a hybrid V5 and Randy Drisgil masterpage, and Twitter Bootstrap

Dev Team:

  • Creative Director, SharePoint Branding & Customizations, Data View Web parts, CSS: Michelle Pakron
  • .Net and Javascript Programming: Jesse Kyzar
  • Databases, mobile iPhone app development: Spencer Jones



My First SharePoint 2010 Public Site Launched! | The Official State Website of Mississippi | The Official State Website of Mississippi

The new state website for Mississippi is finally live! is the first SharePoint site I have worked on since 2006 that is not hidden behind a firewall and it was a ton of work but it is now up and available for all to see! Through Mississippi Interactive (subsidiary of NIC), my day job is to design and build web sites and applications for the state of Mississippi. The new portal is the first redesign of Mississippi’s portal in over ten years and was a major effort by myself and everyone at Mississippi Interactive.

The site is built with SharePoint 2010 and has quite a bit of JQuery going on to enhance the UI (thanks to our developer and my web slinging counterpart, Jesse Kyzar, for creating all the JQuery and web service grooviness!). This release is our “beta” and we will be adding more features and functionality over the coming months. I will start posting some insights into how we developed certain pieces as time allows (we are very busy with a full project queue!).

Ok, enough bragging, go see the site!