SharePoint 2013 Preview Screenshots

Below are some screenshots from a cloud-hosted version of the SharePoint 2013 preview.

Site Contents

Site Contents


Design Gallery

Display Templates

Embed Code

Looks like MS figured out that we have been using the CEWP for mostly embedding code into our pages and have now given us the explicit option to do so now.

SharePoint Designer: Goodbye Design View 😦

So with no design view in Designer, how does one see what the heck they are doing? There is still the option to create data views, but I cant figure out how to connect the DVWP to a list or how to see what I am doing to mess with the xsl. This is a change that I find very strange as it massively handicaps those who do customizations. Sigh.

That’s all for now. As I learn more I’ll post more.


2 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 Preview Screenshots

  1. I have to admit I find it rediculous that there is no design view. This is supposed to be a tool for non-developers; it should have more than code view. Developers would likely not use designer anyway … I REALLY don’t get it!!!

    • I hear ya. I really dont how one would create a data view without the design view, how would you even see what you were doing?

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