SharePoint 2010, IE 7, and JQuery Issues

My company is launching our first version of a new state portal in a few weeks and during testing with IE 7 on a test VM, half our pages didn’t show up properly. Our issues appear to be two-fold: IE 7 has known issues with JQuery, and once anonymous access or read-only access for SharePoint 2010 is turned on the style library doesn’t work consistently.

We are using JQuery and REST to pull data from SP lists into display pages. This works great on newer browsers and signed in with Contributor and above access. The minute we sign in with a test user with read only access the style library starts bombing out and half the files within it serve and the other half don’t. If I give the test users contribute access to the style library the issues go away. Unfortunately, once we go to production and turn on anonymous access, I can no longer do this as no users with anonymous access can be given contribute access to any lists, or so says what I have read about SharePoint.

We found a few blog posts that might help us, as we are not the only ones with issues with anonymous access and the style library flaking out. Our developer has the fix for IE 7-I am hoping once that is implemented the site will at least all display in IE 7.

Anyone else have issues with anonymous access and the style library? Any ideas, tips, input would be greatly appreciated. And of course, once we figure out how to overcome all these issues I will post the solutions here, as I have found after all these years if I am having a SharePoint issue, a lot of other folks are too.

Happy SharePointing and Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010, IE 7, and JQuery Issues

  1. Michelle:

    How are you pulling data from lists with jQuery? When I was trying to make it work for my SPServices library ( I had to get past the anonymous issues, too. The library fully supports anonymous access and has for for quite some time now.

    Also, there’s no need to store files in the Style Library; that’s more by convention than anything else. You can put script or CSS files anywhere, really.


    • Marc, I’m not really sure how all of the JQuery stuff is done-I think the developer wrote most of it himself. I sent him the link to your library, though it’s probably too late for him to redo all of his code since we are launching so soon. Was there anything in particular that you did to overcome the anonymous access issues?

      • I shot an email over to Marc in hopes he can help me get spservices over the JSON (because I’m apparently to dumb to figure it out). After that perhaps I can give you a hand with JQuery… though I’m a bit of a newb too. Gotta love the internet!


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