SharePoint 2010 Woes

I am deep into the build out of a new state portal in SharePoint 2010 and bugs are starting to show up. I have noticed that if I have a list at the root of my site collection and I make a data view, export as web part, import to web gallery (normal process, did this in 2007 all the time..) and then insert this web part into a subsite page I get an error “List does not exist”. Off to Google I go for the fix. Apparently I am not the only one having this problem. Some poorly documented references to changing guids is mentioned but without step by step instructions intended for non-developers, I am at a l loss. I reached out to the top SharePoint people at my parent company and got no where. Any one have a solution? I promise if I find one I will document it and post here.

My next frustration is with text filters. I followed a tutorial by Laura Rogers for connecting a text filter and creating a query string so that you don’t have to use a precise term to search your list. This works great. What doesn’t work great is that once you attach the text filter to your data view, by default it shows no items. I want to show all items and then allow users to filter if they want to. Again, off to Google, and still no answer.

My newest frustration is the default mobile view SharePoint 2010 provides-complete crap. So off to Google to find the code to add to the web.config file to turn this default behavior off (and much thanks to my director of development for dropping everything and getting this fixed for me;) So now my site looks adorable and tiny on the iPhone, but no where near optimized for mobile. Anyone have any tips or success in making SharePoint 2010 play nice on mobile devices?

That’s enough ranting. January 17 we will be launching the state site I have been working on and unlike all the work I used to do at my last job, it won’t be hidden behind a firewall, so everyone will get to see it 😉


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