Hiding Comments in Blogs

This might be stating the obvious, but it has been driving me nuts. I like the functionality of blogs and want to use them for non-blog purposes, like for a manual, etc. On these non-blog areas, I do not want users to be able to comment on posts-I don’t even want them to see any mention of comments. I have searched the web looking for a way to “turn off” comments, to no avail. I am a not a coder so I have no clue how to programmatically turn it off either. Poking around, I found a way to hide the comments link, thus preventing people from adding comments:

There are three pages where this fix needs to be done: blog/default.aspx, post.aspx and category.aspx.

On the default page of the blog, add a test post. Then go to Site Actions> Edit Page. On the Posts webpart, click Edit > Modify Shared Web part. Under Selected View, click “Edit the current view“. Now unselect “#Comments with Link“. I also deselected category and permalink. Click OK and get out of edit mode. The comments link is now gone 😉

Click the header for the test post and you will be at blog/post.aspx. Do the same thing on this page. Done.

Yes, I know comments aren’t really “turned off”, but what the user can’t see, they can’t do. If you have a better solution, please please share!

Hiding comments

Hiding comments


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