Geez, it’s been a month since my last post… My company sent me to the Sharepoint Branding Bootcamp in Houston the first week of December. Heather Solomon was the instructor. I had heard that she was the branding guru so I convinced my company to send me. I totally recommend Sharepoint Experts, the people that do the Bootcamps, and Heather’s class was great. I also got to talk with Matt who teaches the admin class. These people have a passion for Sharepoint, for figuring it out and actually using it for real world projects. I am trying to convince my company to send our developers to their Developer’s bootcamp…

One of the great things about training is the ability to sit in a whole room filled with people who actually do what you do every day. Where I live and work, I am the ONLY designer I know who deals with Sharepoint. Trading war stories and ideas back and forth has been as beneficial as the actual classes I have taken. So far, I have taken three. I will review each in the future. My company is also letting the lead developer and me go to the Sharepoint conference in March in Seattle. I have never been there, never been to the west coast, and I’m beyond excited…


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