Changing Welcome page

I am currently building a small internal site to store SOX documentation for the company Internal Audit group. Because they deal with outside contractors who need access to this data, we will be using something called ADAM to allow users outside of our network access to the site. They need it so that an outside user only sees the document library they have access to, with no way to go up to the top level of the site. I had initially created seperate document libraries for each year, but was told that ADAM couldnt be used to secure a library, only sites. great. So I had to make seperate sites for each library. I created each site as a blank site with no other content than a document library. I wanted to make the welcome page go directly into the library, but the Welcome page option did not display under look and Feel.

I am learning that you pretty much just NEED to turn publishing on-just do it. You won’t be able to specify the Welcome screen without it, and you gain a lot of functionality with it turned on. So I turned on publishing, set the site to open into the library, and now I am waiting to see what my technical admin has to say about how ADAM works with it.

I’m still not sure I believe him when he says you cant secure a library, but I’m just a designer, so…

Moral of story: turn Publishing features on.


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