Welcome to Sharepoint for Designers

This blog is dedicated to all of the designers in the world who have the unfortunate task of creating anything in SharePoint. Am I the only one who thinks SP is a bloated, awkward, hard to customize pain the butt? I am currently learning how to use it so that I can redesign my company’s intranet with it. I have taken two classes so far, and will be attending the Heather Solomon Branding Bootcamp in Houston in December. I took a customization course a few months ago and I did learn a few things. I was dissapointed that we didnt get deeper into full customizations. They focused mostly on altering existing master pages and themes. In any case, I want to share designer-related SP information, and hope the other desigenrs out there who use SP will chime in, becasue there are a bazillion SP resources, but they are all mostly developer oriented, and leave me with a rather confused look on my face.. šŸ˜‰ Enjoy.


One thought on “Welcome to Sharepoint for Designers

  1. Unfortunate is right. Sharepoint is built on a good foundation, but it is definately lacking in many areas. Which is why development is the way to go. I’ve been doing the designer thing for almost a year now, and have been working to learn more about development, but there are just so many things communicating back and forth on a sharepoint site that it is really disheartening to try and understand at first. Nice posts, that calender filter one was beneficial.

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